Making a choice is not easy because many parameters come into play among which the price of course, the quality of the rendering, the production times, the productivity, the material used also, as well as the use you will want to make of the moulds without Forget the problem of packaging or presentation of the molded product.

We will try to help you by proposing a number of solutions

It can be said that there are roughly 5 ranges of "caraques" molded chocolate formats being all poured into cover chocolate, not including interior fodder and a few millimetres of thickness (5 mm being the necessary and sufficient standard). 1-

The Neapolitan: This is what often accompanies a coffee

2-The coat of arms: It is a very large Neapolitan

3-The tablet: that everyone knows

4-Slab: Large square of 150/150 mm for example

5-The rest: puzzle, exotic formats, medals, Hearts etc.

The Neapolitan

A Neapolitan is generally of square format but it is found in rectangular format, it is quite rare that its larger dimension exceeds 25 mm, it is made industrially and comes bagged in a small thin case with serrated edge to facilitate its Opening. The major brands of coffee offer as well as specialists of chocolate products (Faucher, Monbana, chocolate Weiss, Leonidas etc) These chocolates are never personalized only by their packaging but it is always the customization of the producer and Never yours. Chocolate is never personalized unless it is printed…

The Coat of arms

It is a very large Neapolitan who has the advantage of having a much more important visual area which is paramount if we want to ensure a good visual perception of the details of the graphic composition, the Logo, the text etc.

The tablet

This is the big standard although its size is quite variable. It's really a nice format to communicate visually. We prefer thin shelves without cutting in squares to have a beautiful surface of expression. This concept of thin tablets has been adopted by Nestlé, Lindt, Ramachandra and will be by many others. "Less is more" said the poet Robert Browning, a statement taken up by the architect Mies van der Rohe.

The Slab

Usually square, it is a large format that starts at 100/100 mm. This is one of the most successful formats in 150/150 mm For example, up to 200/200 mm. We can go up to 600/900 mm… Our mussels have produced several tens of thousands of pieces.


To the free choice of the creator after technical approval on our part because some difficulties can appear at the release

Very often it is better to start at the end!

The fundamental question must be answered: what type of result do I need?

  • A unique piece with the most impacting graphics possible?
  • Several beautiful parts in varying dark chocolate and milk chocolate?
  • A small discovery box with why not several floors mixed with other gourmet products?
  • A symbolic motif of heart that transmits in itself an emotional message?
  • A nice gourmet box with a nice central coat of arms and lots of good little things around

The combinations are infinite and each one will bring his personality in the composition that he implements.


Anyway, your choice whatever it is belongs to you, but if you have doubts other customers have had them before you and their decision was played on the synthesis of each format. The most prestigious format: the 150/150 mm or more, 1 piece per mould. The classic format: the 160/80 mm tablet, 3 pieces per mould. The most balanced format: 100/100 mm slab, 4 pieces per mould. The most productive format: Neapolitan 50/50 mm, 12 pieces per mould.