Chocolate tablets

We present you in these few pages a set of personalized tablets. The dimensions are of course tailored to the customer's request. 5 mm thick tablets have the advantage of breaking easily, of having less chocolate in the mouth which frees more aromas. The weight is lower and the manufacturing time is reduced as well as the manufacturing cost, sales price, packing, transport etc. Moreover, knowing that a mold contains only two cavities, it may be advantageous to create two different customizations and this for the same price or even to make a tablet and on the remaining place create Neapolitans, mini-tablets, medals etc. ….. It is not forbidden to create a general non-rectangular shape; One can opt for an oval, a circle, a square, or any other kind of composition. Finally, it takes the same time to sink a tablet with no décor as a tablet with a sophisticated décor, so feel free to use the whole surface to create a rich and original personalization that will be your trademark, and will thus transmit from the Most beautiful way your chocolatier talent.

MINI Chocolate Tablets

In the same mould it is possible to integrate up to 8 mini tablets of the same model or different design, or also a large tablet and several small. This gives a great flexibility to your imagination and makes possible a custom production. The mini tablets are much lighter in weight and have a well-adapted surface to integrate a well-visible design. So you can with a single mold create a whole collection of several pieces very different from each other. If you choose a mold with 10 mm cavity depths, then you will be able to create an interior trim of your choice and thus make filled shelves with even several fragrances per mold. We can imitate gold ingots with powder. Mould of t

wo tablets of 160/80/10 mm "Reynaud" in Marseille. Patisser

ie Riviera in Monaco princely Palace.

For pastry, chocolatiers, BARS, RESTAURANTS, hotels etc.

We make moulds with a large number of poses to pour chocolates of small sizes and thicknesses. This replaces on cakes the cardboard labels which are not edible. They accompany a coffee, deposit or sting on a cup of iced yogurt etc…. An example: Thickness 4 mm mini, which represents for a chocolate of 30/20/4 mm a weight of less than 3.0 grams. It is quite possible to mix several different shapes.

50/18/4mm 18-poses mould
Heritage in Noumea-New Caledonia

California Bliss Project

The exquisite Anor in Anor (59)

Some ideas of geometric shapes

ROM/Nicolas Brele in Nice

Under development

We are in the process of developing a new type of mussels to achieve a surprising result very difficult to achieve with conventional means that are also extremely costly and long. The idea is to bring a curve, a slightly rounded general shape that is of the most beautiful effect because the play of Shadows, Lights and reflections highlights the beauty and complexity of the result. The whole is made in proportional 3d and the general curve is about 5 mm in height compared to the low point.

Flat shape

Curved Form

Some customers also ask us to make chocolate candy molds with a particular shape and design. In these moulds, several models make it possible to create several types of candies with different fodder. Slope slopes for Demoulding are 7.5 °, and the motifs are either 2d, 3d proportional or hollow, at the choice of the customer.

Fake chocolates

The objective is to have perfectly faithful reproductions of your chocolate products whether they are moulded, coated, decorated, black, milk, white or blond. These models are used in exhibition showcases, in compositions, boxes, strips or presented according to the chocolatier's goodwill. These reproductions can also be used as subjects in photo sessions for catalogues, website, trade shows, exhibitions, advertising objects, stand decoration, gifts. We also made furniture button handles! Finally, do not put in the hands of children or irresponsible people because these dummies are too perfectly identical to the real ones.


Mainly elastomers used for the casting of chocolate, pastry, etc. Resistant perfectly to natural or articielle light (incandescent lamps, neon, halogen, dichroic), no degassing or seepage or chemical decomposition over time. Incidental to epoxy resins.


Natural mineral, synthetic oxides.


Resistance from-3o to 25O ° for elastomers.


FDA Certified food quality, insensitive to chemicals except solvents and thinners that are to be prohibited.


Soft and resistant material, not brittle, does not scratch. Reproductions from mussels produced by Chocolateworld, Jkv, Vormenfabriek, Hans Brünner, Cabreln, Imren, Pavoni innovation, Barry-Callebaut, pop chocolate, chocolat form, xinxing are produced.

We also produce mock chocolates from our own production of custom high definition moulds.

This elastomer perfectly returns all the details, without any apparent bubbles. There are also reproductions of coated chocolates, black color, milk, white or blond as well as other products such as orangettes, tablets, carrettes, bars, etc.


After a long time of exposure, clean by hand in warm soapy water that will remove all dust.

To date we have achieved over 85 OOO dummy chocolates that are present in more than 15O stores, shops or corners around the world.